Parents' Association

Welcome to the Parents' Association web page.We have designed this page to provide information to St. Patrick's families on all PA sponsored events throughout the school year.We encourage all student’s parents and guardians to browse the page!

Upcoming Events

Paint Night - 10/18/2017
Jaime Olivieri -
Fabiola Guarin -
Elizabeth Tamborino -

Halloween Fest
10/29/2017-sponsored by 4th grade
Gina Jaworowski -

Christmas Boutique 11/14/2017-sponsored by 2nd grade
Jessica Cox -
Frances Voorhees -

Santa Brunch 12/3/2017-sponsored by Kng.
Jenn Borgese 516-381-1177 or

Children’s Christmas Shopping 12/18/2017
Eileen Connors -
Amy Hazelton

Scholastic Book Fair 1/28/2018 and 1/29/2018
Kathy Manzollilo -

Father/Daughter Ball - 2/9/2018 sponsored by 3rd grade

Mother/Son Day - TBA sponsored by 1st grade
Michelle Barra Gambuto -

Golf Outing - 4/30/2018-sponsored by 5th grade
Sara Keenan -

Gift Card Bingo 5/8/2018-sponsored by 6th grade
Nardina DiPierro -

Talent Show - 5/31/2018
Tara Obermeyer -

Parents' Association Board

Jennifer Borgese – Co-President -

Pam Gandolfo - Co-President -

Eliza Sagliocca  – Treasurer -

Patrice Virgilio – Secretaries -
Karen Sullivan – Secretaries -

Nathalia Penalvert - Class Parent Coordinator -

Amy Hazelton  - Parent Liaison -

Marguerite Hachem - Hospitality Coordinator -

Notices and Flyers
We are in need of
- 2nd Chair for the Father Daughter Dance
- Chairs and volunteers for the Parade Floats
- Volunteers to run the snack program
- 2 - 4 Volunteers to run the chocolate sale
-2nd class coordinator for Mrs. Frenger's class.

Please contact Jennifer Borgese at or 516-381-1177
for more details. 

If you should have questions in regards to the following: Uniform Swap, School Store, and/or Box Tops, Labels for Education. Please contact the person listed below.

Uniform Exchange – Boys - Tina Dennelly -  Girls - Paul Kelly -

Box Tops, Target, Labels for Education – Marguerite Hachem