Miss. Ogden's Third Grade Class

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Weekly Schedule:
Monday - Music
Tuesday - Computer
Wednesday - Art
Thursday - Library
Friday - Gym & Spanish

  - Extra Help is offered every Tuesday at 7:45 a.m.
- Directions for projects can be found in a PDF file under "Useful Links" in the left side bar.

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Feel free to use the Scholastic link in the left side bar to place book orders online!


Shamrock of the week:

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A one piece bathing suit is required
Each Friday please pack a bag with the following:
-Dry undergarments
-Plastic Bag for wet bathing suit

  Important Events This Week:

Wednesday, April 26th
-Math Chapter 10 Test

Thursday, April 27th
-Grammar Test

Friday, April 28th
-Spelling Test
-Reading Comprehension Test
-Last Session of Swimming
-April Scholastic Book Order Due

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