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"May Mary, Mother of God, protect and accompany us during this new year and bring the peace of her Son into our hearts and the world." 
~Pope Francis, Jan. 1, 2019


*****Monday, January 14th is a dress down day with a minimum $2 donation in support of a St. Pat's family that suffered a destructive fire to their home last week. Please keep this family in your prayers*****

Our Garvies Point Field trip was tons of fun!! Thank you to our chaperones!

The Wigwam/Longhouse projects look amazing! I am very proud of how creative the students were! Great job to everyone!

Any student that attends the Catholic Schools Week kick off Mass in full uniform on Sunday, January 27th will receive a NUT pass! Come show off how proud you are to be a St. Patrick's School student!

"Let us go forward in peace, our eyes upon heaven, the only one goal of our labors."
-St. Therese of Lisieux
Week of January 14th:
This week we will be exploring the topics of: Civil Rights, European Explorers, Clouds and the Water Cycle, Fractions, and the Second Commandment

This Week's Vocabulary Words:
(Vocabulary Quiz on Friday, January 18th)

-Injustice: unfairness
-Segregation: keeping two groups of people apart
-Encounters: experiences with something
-Recall: remember something and tell people about it
-Preferred: liked one thing more than other things
-Dream: a hope for the future
-Captured: caught
-Numerous: many
-Nourishing: giving the things needed for good health
-Example: a model of what something should be like


~Specials Schedule~
Monday- Computers
Tuesday- Music
Wednesday- Library, Spanish
Thursday- Keyboard, Art
Friday- PE

Every other Tuesday Morning we will go to Chapel with Deacon Joe!