Miss Raghunandan

Miss Raghunandan's Fourth Grade

Class 4-2

Week of June 4, 2018 

-------------------------------------------------- There will be no homework for the month of June. Any children who have unfinished classwork may be requested to take it home and finish it. -------------------------------------------------- The Social Studies Test for our Revolutionary War unit will be on Wednesday, 6/6/18. Please use the study guide to review for this test. -------------------------------------------------- The ELA vocabulary test will be Thursday, 6/7. Please have your child review the vocabulary for the week to prepare. --------------------------------------------------- Math extra help will be on Thursday, 6/7/18, at 7:45. The Chapter 9 Math Test will be on Tuesday, 6/12/18. --------------------------------------------------- The NYS Science Written exam is Monday, 6/4. Please make sure your child has breakfast on this morning and is prepared with two sharpened #2 pencils. --------------------------------------------------- Beach Day is Friday, June 8th. Please refer to the handout sent home for more information. -------------------------------------------------