Mrs. Dean

Welcome to 5th and 6th Grade Science!


Walker Notes are required to be handed in by the students each morning! Please plan the night before to write out your walker notes. Do not call the office or fax over notes unless it is an emergency. Thank You!

Power School Notices
have gone home to all 5th & 6th Grade Students. Please check your students progress and return the form to school as soon as possible!
Thank You!

Grade 5 Science Unit 2, Lesson 1 Quiz is scheduled for Wednesday, 10/25/2017.

Grade 5 Religion Chapter 3 Test is scheduled for Thursday, 10/26/2017.

Grade 6 Science Quiz, Lessons 6 is scheduled for Friday, 10/27/2017.

Extra Help
 Grade 5 - Tuesday mornings at 7:45 a.m.
Grade 6 - Thursday mornings at 7:45 a.m.


Grade 5:  Comprehension Questions
Grade 6: No HW

Grade 5:  Study
Grade 6:  Think Outside the Box Questions pg. 73

Grade 5: Complete Your Design
Grade 6: Workbook pages 74-75

Grade 5: Complete Classwork
Grade 6:  Study


Grade 5: No HW
Grade 6: No HW

Specials Schedule

Monday - Gym
Tuesday - Art
Wednesday - Computers
Thursday - Spanish
Friday - Music

Science Fusion Online Textbook
Login: cedean
Password: textb00k