Mrs. Jeanne Frenger

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 Welcome to 6th grade ELA

‚ÄčImportant Information 

Individual pictures on 10/24
Transition year- Students can either wear school uniform or dress nicely for picture. 

Religion test on Tuesday 10/23 Chap 2

 Iowa testing Tuesday 10/23

The Lightning Thief Chap 10-13 multiple choice test Wed.  10/24

Vocab units 1-3 test on Thursday.  Use quizlet to help you study.

Please check Powerschool
for your child's grades. 
 If you can't log in please email
Ms. Whittier and
she can help you through it.

After School Clubs
Once your child is signed up for a club they are expected to go each week.  If they can't make a club, please send in a note telling that they will not be going to club and how they are going home that day.

If your child is going to be a walker please send in a note.  Thank you.

Extra help the week is:

You can order online or submit a check made out to Scholastic.

Class Schedule:
Mon:  Physical Education    
Tues:  Art    
Wed:  Music
Thurs:  Spanish/Keyboarding
Fri:  Comp