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Week of 9/24/18

Math- Workbook Pages 65-66
Handwriting- Letter "Rr" Worksheet
Writing- "I like..." Worksheet (Due Wednesday) Please do your best writing in pencil and coloring in crayon!)

Math- Workbook Pages 71-72
Phonics- Letter "Rr" Picture Worksheet

Math- Practice Test Pages 73-76 (Chapter 1 Test Tomorrow!)
Phonics- Sight Word "the" Worksheet

Math- "Count and Circle" Worksheet
Religion- Complete "We Care for God's Creation" Packet

**Scholastic Book Orders Due:
September 27, 2018

-Don't forget to check the St. Patrick School website to stay up-to-date on school events!

**Please create Sight Word Flash Cards on index cards to review EVERY NIGHT with your child.  This will help them identify words and become better readers.**

***Please practice writing first and last names!!***

-Scholastic Books:
(Class Code: PF2PT)