Mrs. Lavin

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    Dear Families,

    So many new and exciting things happening in our classroom! First of all, our caterpillars have arrived. We have named them Rose, Alice, Dino and Joey. The kids loved The Hungry Caterpillar book and cannot wait for our caterpillars to become big and fat. They are even using the word chrysalis! 

             We had a wonderful Z week. Now we begin reviewing the letters. When we introduced A back in September, we knew the kids wouldn’t truly grasp the content. Our focus was establishing a routine and encouraging the kids to start doing things for themselves etc. and to make sure they enjoyed coming to school each day. Now, they are ready so our focus will be re-introducing each letter. We will continue to reinforce our math concepts as well-rote counting, one-to-one correspondence, patterns, number recognition, number formation, position words (over, under), comparison words etc. This is a constant in our daily routine.

             A heads up on upcoming events:

    Our last day of nursery school is June 8th. On June 1st, St. Pat’s has a school Field Day! Families are encouraged to come and watch! For nursery, we keep our kids on our little playground. Both nursery classes are split into groups and will rotate from various activities and we hope you come and watch. Bring your video camera! We will be asking for donations of water, ice pops tba.


    Mrs. Lavin
     Mrs. Roth

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