Mrs. Lavin

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    Dear Families,

    It has been such a wonderful year! 
    We have had so many wonderful memories! We often wish we could just run a video tape so we could share with you. We read so many books this year! When you bring your child to the library this summer, I have no doubt your child will pick a book because "it's Mrs. Lavin's favorite". I introduced every book as one of my favorites. Our favorite quote is when re-reading a book I had read to the class in the fall was "Oh, I remember this book-you read it to us when we were little."

    When I asked the class how they enjoyed Field Day, we were told "It was like the best birthday party I ever went to." Priceless and extremely motivating as a teacher.

                     Thank you for sharing your children with us!                         

    Mrs. Lavin and Mrs . Roth


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