Mrs. Lavin

    ‚ÄčCup Of Pencils.pngHELLO FRIENDS,

    Our Nursery students have first opportunity for spots in Pre-K at St. Patrick. Please fill out the form I sent home regarding re-registration and send in. Let me know if you need a new copy. If you have an older child in the building, the form came home with him/her. Re-registration forms are due Feb. 7th. The school is already setting up dates for Pre-K screenings. I am hoping the screenings can be done during our school day.

    W week has been a great success. Ask your child to sing Bumping Up and Down in My Little Red Wagon song. We made wagons and shamrock guys! Ask them about St. Patrick (he was a missionary to Ireland who taught the Irish about the Holy Trinity using the shamrock-three parts of the same thing-Father (God) Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit. We made a rainbow in our classroom out of kid handprints (painted) and cut out pots of gold all on our own! Then we used big kid glue and glitter to make gold coins!

                We invite your children to wear green on Friday, March 17th.

      Class parents have put together a simple craft that Mrs. Roth and I will help children to put together.

             We introduced the letter X. We read a story about pirates (a counting story). In the story, the pirates bury treasure and mark it with an X. X marks the spot.

             March 23rd is Professional Development Day. NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS.  St. Patrick’s school offers parents the opportunity to meet with teachers if you have any concerns. I am absolutely willing to meet with any parents even if you just want to hear how great he/she is doing.. Scheduled time is from 2-5 on the 23rd but I am happy to meet with you before school at 8 (bring your child and we can put out plah doh or something) any morning if the 23rd does not work for you.  Please write a note and put in folder so I can put together a schedule. Thanks, Katie Lavin

    You can contact me by calling school office and leaving a message with a good phone number/time for me to get back to you. You can also contact me via e-mail at