Mrs. Lavin

    ‚ÄčCup Of Pencils.pngHELLO FRIENDS,
    And no school on Friday, May 26th and
    Monday, May 28th (Memorial Day!)
    Field Day at St. Patrick’s is a great event. This will be held on Friday, June 2nd at 9:00.  All of the students participate in various activities which families are encouraged to come and watch. Nursery does our own little thing on our playground and you are most welcome to come and enjoy.  We have many nursery students with older siblings in the building and to help with the struggle of trying to be there for each of your children, we will keep your nursery kids entertained and fed. You can opt for the BBQ lunch or just send in a lunch for your child. We will put out blankets for kids to sit and have a picnic lunch. Our class parents both have older children at St. Pat’s so I would love a volunteer or two to help Mrs. Roth and me run our mini field day so they can feel free to go and watch their older children. We are asking for donations of small water bottles and flavored ices (I can freeze them in our kitchen freezer if you need to send them in early). Rain date is Tuesday, June 6th
    We have new class pets-ladybugs! The caterpillars were such a success, we decided to branch out!
    We are hoping to release them Tuesday, May 23rd if you want to come pick up a bit early so you can watch.

    We have been working so hard in Nursery School! Reviewing our letters but focusing on letter sounds and formation. We have continued our rote counting but enhancing number recognition and putting numbers in sequential order as well as number formation.

    Last day of Nursery School is Friday, June  9th.


    You can contact me by calling school office and leaving a message with a good phone number/time for me to get back to you. You can also contact me via e-mail at