Look What We Are Learning This Week!

Week of April 23rd

ABC's:  We will be learning all about the letter W.  We will practice identifying, writing and sound of the letter.

ELA:  We will continue our unit on Plants.  This week, we will learn about the parts of a plant.  We will also listen to the classic tale "Why Flies Buzz."

Math:  We will continue our unit on addition.

Religion:  Growing and Changing

Science:  We will continue to watch our caterpillars turn into butterflies and learn about their life cycle.  We will also talk about different types of weather and do a wind experiment!

As part of our STEM curriculum, we encourage the children to create various structures using hands on materials during centers and playtime.  Examples include: building a new house for the 3 little pigs that the wolf cannot blow down,  building a tall tower that is stable and won't fall down, etc.