This week we will ...

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We will explore the letter Uu.  We will cover identifying, writing/tracing, letter sound and words that begin with the letter.  

In ELA, we will continue to explore our unit on animals and their habitats.  This week it is the farm.  

In Math, we will continue to explore measurements.

In Religion, we will talk more about the Bible.

We will explore sight words this week. Each week one or two words will be introduced.  It is simply an enrichment activity at this point.  

Sight Word of the Week:  it, is


We will practice our names and tracing/writing letters and numbers.  We will also practice fine motor skills, coloring, cutting and pasting skills too!  

As part of our STEM curriculum, we encourage the children to create various structures using hands on materials during centers and playtime.  Examples include: creating the Arctic environment cold weathered animals to live, building a new house for the 3 little pigs that the wolf cannot blow down,  building a tall tower that is stable and won't fall down, Goldilocks chairs, etc.


- Pre-K school day begins at 8:30 and ends at 1:40

-Gym is on Wednesday -- Sneakers please!

-For safety concerns cars are NOT permitted in the parking lot at dismissal. Kindly remind anyone picking your child up from school.  Thank you.

-St. Patrick school wide events are available for viewing on the school web site and my calendar page.