Mrs. Powell's Pre-K Class

Welcome to Pre-K!

May Pre-K Events

   - Friday, May 10: Afternoon with Mom (12-1 in classroom)
      - Monday, May 27: Memorial Day (School Closed)

- Tuesday, May 28 - Field Day
   - Thursday, May 30: Ascension Thursday (School Closed)
      - Friday, May 31: Professional Day (School Closed)

June Pre-K Events
- Tuesday, June 11: Last full day of Pre-K

- Wednesday, June 12: End of Year celebration (more info to follow)

End of the Year ABC Countdown

May 20 – A and B: “America” and bubble day: Wear red, white, and blue to celebrate America!  We will also go outside to play with bubbles.  (Teacher will provide the bubbles) 

May 21- C and D: Crazy hair and dance day:  Wear “crazy” hair.  We will also be dancing throughout the day! 

May 22- E and F: Exercise and favorite book day: We will do exercises throughout the day.  Please bring in your favorite book to read with the class. 

May 23- G and H: Game and Hawaiian Day: Please wear Hawaiian themed clothing.  We will play games today! (Teacher will provide games.)

May 24- I and J: Inside out and joke day:  Wear your clothes inside out and bring in a joke to share with the class. 

May 27- Memorial Day – No school 

May 28- Field Day 

May 29- K and L: Kindness and lunch outside day: We will do kindness activities and have lunch outside.  Please send in a towel for your child to sit on for lunch. 

May 30 and 31- School Closed 

June 3- M and N: Movie and necklace/necktie day: We will watch a movie.  Please wear a necklace or necktie. 

June 4- O and P: Outside and pajama day: Please wear school appropriate pajamas.  We will go outside today.

June 5- Q and R: Quiet and rock star day: Dress up as a rock star!  We will “rock out” in the morning and then have a “quiet” afternoon. 

June 6- S and T: Super Hero and thank you day: Dress like a super hero!  We will make “thank you’s” for our school community. 

June 7- U and V: Uniform and visit day: Wear a “uniform” to school.  This could include a career or a sports, ballet, dance, etc. uniform.  We will also “visit” the kindergarten classrooms today. 

June 10- W and X: Walk and X&O day:  We will take a walk on the school grounds and play Tic Tac Toe today! 

June 11- Y and Z: Year End celebration and Zero more days of school day: We will celebrate our last full day of school! 

June 12 – We did it!  End of year ceremony: 8:45 AM in our school gymnasium!

Our Scholastic Code: LN67H

check our school page for all school wide events!