Each day at St. Patrick School begins with a prayer.

St. Patrick School follows the New York State Education Department and the Diocese of Rockville Centre curriculum guidelines where standard state and national tests are administered. In April 2003, St. Patrick became fully accredited by the Middle States Association of Elementary Schools. Established by the academic profession in 1887, to set standards for American education, the Middle States Association granted accreditation to St. Patrick School for its "wonderful long heritage of strong, quality, Catholic education in its community."

In its summation of its evaluation of the school, the Middle States Commission also stated, "The Middle States team commends St. Patrick School for being a strong, viable, purpose driven school which will impact its students positively in the years to come."

We achieve this through three major objectives:


To provide students with an awareness of their Catholic religious heritage by:
Preparing them for full participation in the sacramental and liturgical life of the church.
Teaching a knowledge of Catholic faith and Gospel values through a developmental presentation of doctrine and experience in prayers and liturgy.
Endeavoring to bring students to an understanding of their own value as persons so that they may be free to value, love and respect themselves and others and to come to know and love the God who has first loved them.


Learning proceeds most effectively and tends to be most permanent when the learner is self-motivated, and actively involved in the educational process. St. Patrick School implements this by:
Striving to motivate students for learning in all subject areas with respect for the varying degrees of capability.
Providing a curriculum based on guidelines by New York State and the Rockville Centre Education Departments.
Emphasizing the communication skills in order that they be relevant to the student's needs and interests.
Encouraging critical thinking skills, independent thinking and responsible decision making.


St. Patrick School aspires to integrate academic skills and social awareness by:
Fostering a sense of reverence for all God's creation and inculcating respect for different races, cultures, religions, and ways of thinking.
Stressing the importance of self-discipline and respect for all members of our school community, faculty, staff, parents, and classmates.

Along with the fundamental areas of Religion, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies, the curriculum includes enrichment in Art, Music, Physical Education and Computer Technology.