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    Ms. Raghunandan
    Room 202

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    *Update* 5/6/20 - The gym teacher's Google Classroom code is ib4vkua.

    *Important Update*  5/4/20 Some specials teachers will be giving assignments on their own Google Classroom pages.  Please look out for announcements or emails from their classes.  
    The music teacher is entering each of her students, so they should see her classroom as an option when they enter Google Classroom.
    The art teacher would like students to join her classroom using the code 
    I will post if any other specials teachers provide any information about starting Google Classrooms.

    Mr. Roderick (P.E.) has posted a physical education challenge for students to participate in at their own pace.  Mrs. Ciampa (Art) has also posted assignments for her students, so please look at her class page as well. 

    All assignments will be posted in the Homework Calendar starting 3/17/20.

    Readworks Class Code - 3AK542

    Math - Lessons can be viewed through the Interactive Student Edition on Think Central (the children know them as the "fox videos with Squeakers McJellyBean").  Hopefully the children have access to their protractors, which we took home on Thursday last week.  There will be assignments on Think Central and Castle Learning.

    ELA - There will be assignments on Readworks.org, Google Classroom, Think Central, and Castle Learning.  The Journeys textbook is now online for the children to read any stories and cover any skills. 

    Science - There may be assigments and videos to watch on Castle Learning, Readworks.org, and Brainpop.com.  The science textbook and interactive lessons are on Think Central.

    Social Studies - You can follow along with lessons in the textbook.  Please do not worry if you do not have access to the text.  Brainpop videos may be assigned, as well as Readworks.org and CastleLearning.com.

    Religion -  You can follow along with lessons in the textbook. 

    *UPDATE* If you do not have a hardcopy of the text, you can use the link titled:

    Sadlier: Religion Textbook

    in the "Links" section of our class page. 
    To access the text:

    Username: SadlierStudent
    Password: ReadyToLearn!
    (case sensitive)

    You will have to search the list for our textbook, which is We Believe, Grade 4 (it is orange).

    Tests will posted on Google Classroom.  Videos may be linked for you child to watch through formed.org or another site that you child can watch. This website is free through our school parish, but you may need to create a username/email (no password necessary) - the link is titled:

    (Sorry -  the connection wouldn't work in "Links," so you will have to cut and paste it from here.)

    I recommend using your student google acount login address, or a parent's email address if necessary.  Please email me if you have any difficulty with this.

    Health - Brainpop videos may be assigned.  Other videos may be linked.  Assignments will be given on Google Classroom.

    Best of luck with all of your work!  Please contact me through email or Google Classroom if needed.  Don't stress - just try your best!  

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  • Scholastic Book Club

    Please do not put in any new orders until our regular school schedule resumes.

    To place a book order, go to clubs.scholastic.com and use our class code QBGVV

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  • Specials

    Lunch at 11:50 (11:10 on Wednesdays, usually followed by Mass at 12:10)

    Monday: Music

    Tuesday: Computer

    Wednesday: Art

    Thursday: Spanish; Chapel every other week with Deacon Joe

    Friday: P.E. (Please remember to wear gym uniform and sneakers.)

  • SPS is closed starting March 16, 2020.  Please check the school website for when we will reopen.

    Thank you for all of the students and parents who worked together with me during this time in order to make remote learning possible!

    Summer assignments will be posted to Google Classroom. ELA will be posted on Monday, June 15th.  Math will be posted by Wednesday, June 17th.   Please print them out by Friday, June 26th!  Our Google Classroom will be shut down after that day, and students will no longer have access after June 26th.

    **6/17 Last update of the year!  The letter pertaining to Math summer work has been posted in Google Classroom.  Summer work will be posted in Castle Learning on 6/18/20 and will be due by 8/20/20.** 

    May God Bless you and your families this summer!

  • Important Information

    5/26/20 - Virtual Field Trip to Raynham Hall Museum on Thursday.  Please check the Calendar section this week for more information.  

    *Correction!* 5/7/20 - Since student accounts cannot receive emails from outside domains, you may need to use another email to access stpatrickbayshore.formed.org.  Sorry for the confusion!

    *Update* 4/27/20 I have created a class for us in Brainpop.  There is an assignment to be completed by Friday of this week.  You can use an account you may have already created, or create a new one with a parent.  Please remember to write down your username and password. 

    To join our Brainpop Class:
    1. Go to Brainpop.com
    2. Click Enter Code at the top.
    3. Enter our class code: nose6379
    4. Log in with your account/create an account.
    5. Complete and submit your assignment.

    *Update* 4/27/20 - to better reflect our school's rubric, some of the science quiz grades will be updated on ThinkCentral by the end of the week.

    Update on Women's History Month Project
    - As it is uncertain what date we will actually be going back to school, you can submit your project to me online.  Upload yourself presenting your Women's History Month project to the class on FlipGrid (use this link to access: https://flipgrid.com/70a392a4).  Otherwise, please send in clear pictures of your project for me to grade by Friday, April, 24th.  I look forward to seeing your hard work!

    *April 20th Update* Great News!  We now have a permanent Google Meet link embedded in our classroom!  This will make it much easier for us to access our Google Meets. 

    All you have to do is go to our Google Classroom, and click on the
    Meet link in the Stream section.  (It is at the top, under the class name and class code.)
    You can also access it at the top of the
    Classwork section by clicking "Meet."

    Please be aware that you will not have access to the Google Meet unless the teacher is present in the Meet.  I will enter 5 minutes earlier than our start time so that students will have a chance to enter before we get started.

    Please check our DAILY WORK to see what times we will be having our Google Meets!  Please be sure to read/review any required work beforehand so that you can be ready with any questions.


    Information About Our SPS Spirit Week:

    The themes are as follows:
    Sunday: Take a picture of you praying (by yourself or with family), watching a live stream of mass, saying grace, praying by a statue, etc.
    Monday: 'Murica Monday! Sport those stars and stripes to show your American pride.
    Tuesday: Cook or bake with your family - send a picture in the kitchen, or of you with the finished product!
    Wednesday: Earth Day Nature Walk (weather permitting). I've attached the PDF of the Nature Walk to an assignment in Google Classroom. Students must go on a nature walk and find different items with each letter. If it rains that day, the students will just send in their pledges (also attached).
    Thursday: Thank You Thursday! Make a sign thanking someone who has helped during this time: healthcare workers, teachers, first responders, essential personnel, etc. Students are not limited to these suggestions!
    Friday: TGIF Dance Party! Have a dance party, or even a "virtual" dance party with some friends and send us pictures or videos of your moves!
    For this, we are asking that students send us pictures no later than 4PM. 

    We would like to be able to post the pictures on the same day.

    Students/parents can either email their teacher the photos, tag us on Instagram (@spsbayshore), or direct message us the photos on Instagram. Please note: If a parent/student tags us on Instagram, their Instagram must be public for us to see it.

    *New* FlipGrid information:
    Thank you to the children who shared their journal entries on FlipGrid!  It's nice to see your faces!  Please know that if you would like to view your videos and feedback, you can go to my.flipgrid.com. 

    I have created a FlipGrid Account for our class to put up video assignments and projects.  Your child can record themself presenting their assignments and share it with the class.  Classmates can also respond or give feedback via video to other children's posted work. 

    The children need to use their Google accounts to access Flipgrid using this link:


    I have shared an assignment in Google Classroom for the students to share with each other.  It is in "Classwork," but has also been posted to the "Stream."

    This is my first time using FlipGrid, so please let me know if there are any issues!

    As teachers are still required to take attendance daily, a "Daily Attendance" assignment will be required to be checked off in Google Classroom every day.  Each day's attendance will only be available on that day, and will not be able to be accessed before or after that day.  The students must click on the Google Form in the "Daily Attendance" assignment, Type their name, and check "present," and submit by 8:00pm. 

    In addition, students may ask questions and leave comments in the Google Classroom stream, which I will be checking daily. 

    In regards to tests, quizzes, and other graded assignments:
    Pleae pay attention to due dates, as these assignments are capable of expiring and students will no longer have access to them afterward. 

    Women's History Project due upon return to school.

    All assignments will be assigned online, and can be submitted online.  Please check our HOMEWORK CALENDAR for continual updates on all classwork and homework.  Assignments will begin on March 17th. 

    Most assignments will be posted on ThinkCentral, Google Classroom, Castlelearning.com, and Readworks.org.  Assignments will be counted towards the students' trimester 3 grades. 

    You can check the special teachers' class pages for any updates they may have posted.

    No problems are anticipated since the children access these websites regularly in school, but please email me if you are having username/password issues.  Please do the best you can to complete the work assigned, and try not worry too much about it! 

    I will keep all of you in my prayers during this trying time!  May God bless you and your families, and may He see us all through this safely!